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Cut through the noise. Years of research have been poured into our project-based courses to deliver the best possible value to you. Our instructors take a practical approach in teaching, giving action steps to shape your transformation.

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Our step-by-step framework provides learning outcomes and objectives in each module and lesson. Get a sense of accomplishment and move closer to your goals when applying and testing your knowledge in the course projects. Have full access to documents and references for future use.

We'll hold you accountable. Daily notifications and alerts to keep you on track of completing tasks to constantly pursue your goals.

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Course Overview

Being told to practice on your game in your own time, but not exactly sure how? This 5 lesson course will teach you the skills of how to create your Individual Development Plan (IDP) by:


1. Guiding your assessment on what you need to optimize and improve

2. Providing template assessments & action plans

3. Explaining how to review your IDP

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